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Who We Are?

Bill Judge & Associates is a highly specific specialized enrollment firm who partners with employers, insurance agents, employee benefit consultants, and financial planners (working in the business market). BJA utilizes a unique and highly educational multi-generational enrollment process for long-term care planning, asset protection and life insurance as our primary business model.

We are subject matter experts in group life insurance with long-term or chronic condition care riders. We educate all employees on the need for designing strong life insurance planning, and gain knowledge as to why planning for long-term care is critical at any age. 


Most enrollment firms simply don’t have the unique specialty needed to effectively communicate and enroll LTC, we do.  This capability has resulted in extremely successful enrollment experiences with an employee and management base that appreciates and values our services.

How We Do It?

Our goal during enrollments is to educate each generation on current and future needs of planning for long-term care. We.deploy multi-generational pre-enrollment information on life insurance and long-term care planning. One size does not fit all which is why we do not speak in generic terms. We are specific to the needs of each employee.


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