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What we do?

Having Americans take the long-term care issue seriously is a passion based on personal experience.  We have developed a financial planning approach to supplement benefits which allows us to have elevated conversations with employees, for their personal financial benefit. Applying a broad wealth of knowledge with a customized benefit plan has yielded high value offerings to a wide range of clients and employees. Bill Judge & Associates has fine-tuned the process from beginning to end, that includes insurance, technology and administrative components to make the process unfold with ease and precision.   


The mission is to create innovative and enhanced solutions for client companies who have employees who understand the issues around long term care, but need the education and enrollment assistance to make an offer of these plans successful for everyone.   Most enrollment firms simply don’t have the unique specialty needed to effectively communicate and enroll LTC – we do….which has resulted in extremely successful enrollments and an employee and management base that appreciates and values our services.


We are subject matter experts in group life insurance with long-term or chronic condition care riders.  Our goal is to educate all employees on the need for designing strong life insurance planning, and gain knowledge as to why planning for long-term care is critical at any age. 

How we do It?

Our goal during enrollments is to educate each generation on current and future needs. We deploy multi-generational pre-enrollment information on life insurance and long-term care planning.  In separate webinars, group meetings, and home mailings - we speak to the four generations that exist within any group, Centennials, Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers. 


One size does not fit all which is why we do not speak in generic terms. We are specific to the needs of each client and focus on maximizing the results for our broker partners.


Why it works?

It works because we are having a financial planning conversation, not just a product offering. We take the experience of an individual financial planning session and have created a simple and effective process to do this en mass.  The employees are often thankful for clarifying basic financial concepts such as the financial pyramid and the life insurance bell curve.  It is here that employees learn to structure both term and permanent insurance, and if needed will gain knowledge of the Medicaid spend down rules.   This approach is focused solely on satisfying an employee’s needs. 


Rounding Out the Protection Package

When an illness or accident occurs, where do employees get the money to pay their bills?  Simple, their savings (401(k), 403(b), bank accounts, credit cards.  The additional two layers to protect retirement savings are critical illness and accident.  Having these two very inexpensive voluntary benefits, along with the group life insurance with LTC, rounds out the protection package needed to propel forward without the worry of an uncovered peril.

Where to begin?

Whether it is a law firm, medical group, IT / Tech firm or any other, if you have a group that has expressed the need for LTC, but need a specialist to educate and enroll them effectively, we may be just the right fit to help you achieve a successful outcome.   After a short introductory call, we can jointly determine whether we have an opportunity or not…. And if so, we have a brilliant solution that employers have truly valued, from the C-suite on down.   Let's talk about your prospect today.

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