Dual Purpose Life Insurance

In our opinion, dual purpose life insurance or hybrid life insurance, is preferred method of funding long-term care expenses.  Based on our research, less than 70,000 individual long-term care policies were sold in 2018 compared to over 450,000 individual dual purpose life insurance policies which does not include policies sold through employer groups.  Why?  It is the "use it or lose it" nature of long-term care policies that is main driver for the shift followed by rate increases.

Quoting & System


Before submitting a case for quotation, please call us to discuss any special underwriting needs and special characteristics.

Depending on the group, there might be only one carrier available.  For example, of the many companies will represent, only one company will offer coverage to groups with 5 applications on a guaranteed issue basis.

Our turn-key system is complete with the following:​​

  • Understanding long term care basics, education employee and needs analysis

  • How dual purpose life insurance completes a financial plan by using illustrations such as: the financial pyramid, life insurance bell curve, and benefit flowchart.

  • Pre-enrollment employee education videos 

  • Dedicated educational website for employees ​​

Enrollment Strategy & Communications​


We cannot stress enough to have employers conduct a "special enrollment" for this product, since it is a financial planning tool offered on a voluntary basis.  Having a great enrollment helps America, employees and employers and will have a positive effect on financial health of all.

To properly communicate dual purpose life insurance, our process starts with employee education 4-6 weeks out from the first enrollment date.


BJA will send an educational packet to each home address, to insure that spouses, if applicable, have an opportunity to review the information.  


We also add emails and videos to the education process.



Our partner companies will provide guaranteed issue life insurance amounts for groups over 5 employees or members.  Guaranteed issue amounts are determined by group size.  


All companies have an A+ rating or higher.

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